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About Us

Shri Chaman Lal Sachdeva
Sachdeva Roadlines was established in the year 1980 under the guidance of our Founder, Late Shri Chaman Lal Sachdeva. Starting on a humble note, the company initially operated with only a few branches and limited resources but even at that early stage, it ensured that the service provided in those cities was second to none. Over the years, Sachdeva Roadlines witnessed growth and development in a big way as several new branches were opened and different services were added. The company excelled in providing quick and secure delivery in the field of parcel service. Today, Sachdeva Roadlines provides extensive multimodal services in North,West and South India and is one of country’s most  reliable names in the transport industry.

In the emerging dynamic corporate environment, where every business has specific needs, we cater to diverse requirements through our customized solutions. Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals work round the clock to ensure smooth and secure transit of material right from the pickup point to your doorstep. Sachdeva Roadlines uses latest Freight Management Systems, CCTV cameras and state of the art equipment to constantly monitor your valued cargo. This not only ensures safety of your material in our warehouses and in transit, but also helps in maintaining speedy deliveries. By using superior technology, updated information about all the material is always readily available for the benefit of the company and our customers.

Sachdeva Roadlines is committed to offer the very best in the transport field - exceptional services, advanced technology and superior practices, thereby setting new standards for the industry.