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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a process with the aim to embrace responsibility for the company's actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities and its stakeholders.

As Sachdeva Roadlines grows today, we have the ability to affect several  lives through our constructive practices and procedures. We try to evolve a working culture whereby we are able to make the world a better place by engaging in varied positive activities. We attempt to achieve this objective not only through adherence to code of ethics but  a continuous conscious effort to make a difference. We improve our employees awareness about the environment with a view to reducing the company’s environmental impact. Sachdeva Roadlines follows fair practices in order to give exceptional service to their consumers where they are aware about all aspects from beginning to end. We take utmost care of our employees, investing in safe and healthy work environments and enhancing their skills by engaging them in training and development programs at regular intervals.

Sachdeva Roadlines is constantly focusing on programs to serve the community. Working in an emerging economy, we realize the importance of giving back to the community, thereby positively influencing lives of people. We have alliance with numerous NGOs and Charitable organizations. Our Director, Shri Ramesh Sachdeva is a trustee in Jankalyan Charitable Hospital which provides the needy with subsidized medicines and treatment. The hospital provides consultation at a token amount of Re.1/- and free medicines in General O.P.D. There is a chemist shop which provides 20% discount on MRP of  all medicines. 

We also have a  close alliance with Tara Sansthan where we are actively involved in  helping the aged  people in our society in several ways. A subsidiary of the group, Tara Netralay organizes camps for cataract detection  in poor and aged patients and pays for their eye operations in  well-equipped leading eye hospitals, free of cost. Tripti Yojna is another attempt by Tara Sansthan wherein they provide support in the form of supply of subsidized commodities and food grains to those homeless aged people who are have no source of income and are incapable of doing any work.

Sachdeva Roadlines also believes in working for humanitarian causes  during emergencies and natural disasters. During the devastating floods in Bihar in August 2008, we tied up with several NGOs and did our best to ensure that food was able to reach the remote districts in the  flood ravaged region in our trucks free of cost. A similar attempt was made earlier in 2004 when the earthquake and resulting tsunami in the Indian Ocean had a devastating effect on the Southern Coast on India.